Somewhere near my pal: The Ocean.

Have you met Master Softee? He serves frozen treats with an iron fist.

I made some cartoons of mascots I wish existed.
<img class=”alignnone” alt=”” src=” ” width=”701” height=”394” /> (via Team Mascots We Wish Existed)

Here are some cartoons I made of The Biggest Myths About Zombies. (via The Biggest Myths About Zombies)

Here are some cartoons I made of other paper bags Shia LaBeouf has worn on his head. For those of you that have missed The Week in Pop Culture, Indiana Jones’ sidekick Shia LeBeouf has been in a downward fame spiral after being caught plagiarizing, culminating in him attending an awards show with a paper bag over his head that read, “I’m not famous anymore.” He then held a private exhibit where he sat at a table in a gallery with the same bag over his head. Good move, LeBeouf, but did you think about trying something else on your head? (via Other Paper Bags Shia LeBeouf Has Worn on His Head)

Here are some cartoons I made of Overly Specific Candle Scents. (via 13 Overly Specific Candle Scents)

I made a series of Valentines. For dogs! Just before spring, love often floods you with warm feelings, like a dog raising its leg to pee on you. Try some of these dog Valentine’s on that special schnauzer… (via Let These Dogs Do the Valentine’s Wooing for You)
Here’s a series of Valentines I made from body parts other than the heart. When you’ve got the love bug, you can feel things in the weirdest places. You may have figured that was because of your limbic system, but NO! More likely, your organs just had something to say… (via Valentines From Random Body Parts)

I made this painting of my cool friend Kate. Should I make one of you?

Here are Nerdy Alternatives to Mall Santas that I made for

Titty Rex!

Morgan Freeman looks great!